The Great Escape features Australia - MusicNSW

The Great Escape in the UK has recently announced that Australia will be the feature country for the 2010 conference.

Happening in May each year, thousands of music industry execs flood to The Great Escape and in 2010 will be privvy to feature country – Australia. This means that there will be an increased number of Artists showcasing, a high level of PR via The Great Escape delegates guide, as well as a dedicated Australian showcase event within the main programme and a signature event for attending Australian delegates to assist them in making connections with U and other international deal makers.

So if you were thinking of trying to break the UK, 2010 and The Great Escape is the most ideal time to go. The featre country is largely thanks to Sounds Australia, a new collaboration from various federal and state funding bodies, and it’s manager Millie Milgate.

Sounds Australia is the public face representing a collective of interested parties made up of Government Agencies, Industry Association, Commercial Companies and others with a genuine interest in working together, all partnering to support Australians’ export activities in key markets.

Various funding opportunites have been set up to help Australian artists make it overseas, of those funds include Australia Councils Live on Stage and International Pathways.

For more information on The Great Escape head to their website here.
For more information on Grants that are available head to Australia Council here.
And finally for information on Sounds Australia, and to get in contact with Milgate to help make the most of your Great Escape experience, head to their website here.