FBi Wants to fly you to Iceland! - MusicNSW

Hey you there, solo artist! What are you doing? Playing with synths in your bedroom, chained to your computer, waiting for the world to notice you? Well don’t worry – FBi is here to give you the chance to jump on a jet plane to the land where music rules supreme (well, one of them anyway): Iceland.

Yes, you read that correctly: This October, we’re taking two people on a trip to Reykjavik! Why? To check out the Iceland Airwaves festival, meet amazingmusicians, get some inspiration from the aurora borealis (aka the NorthernLights) and set up musical collaborations. We’ll cover your flights andaccommodation and even give you our Music Director as chaperone. Sounds likea pretty sweet deal because it is.

Here’s how it works: FBi are open for entries from July 1, 2011 – July 29, 2011.You enter by filling out the competition form at fbiradio.com/iceland, which will tell us a bit about you and the music you make. Once entries close, we’ll pick 6 finalists, whose music will be voted on by the public. The two musicians with the most votes win ? easy!

Winners will be announced in early September.We’re looking for entries from solo artists and electronic music producers. If youthink you fit the bill, head to fbiradio.com/iceland to be in the running. Hurry though – July 29 is sooner than you think!

FBi’s mission is to introduce local artists to wider audiences and in eight yearson air, FBi has helped break many now famous Australian acts such as The Vines, Wolfmother, The Presets, Cloud Control and The Jezebels.

FBi is keen to extend this mission to the international arena by presenting opportunities for local musicians to meet the major international buyers of music (labels, festivals,bookers and agents). Fortunately, FBi has secured a Foundation grant to send two artists from NSW to experience Iceland’s music scene. The grant has been awarded with theo bjective of providing NSW musicians with the opportunity to experience an international music hub, be inspired by its activity and develop creativepathways to advance their own professional development through collaboration with other artists.