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Tuesday 31 May 2011: For anyone in the music business or wanting to make a career in the music industry: this is priceless information from the best in the business:  From DIY to the major labels.

The evening involves 3 panels – The Majors, The Lawyers, and the DIYs.  Together, they will reflect, investigate, and highlight their professional pasts, achievements and failures, all stemming from their hugely disparate, yet ultimately, unparalleled successful experiences.

The AAM brings you Australia’s most dynamic industry professionals with the aim of sharing how they did it, why they did it and what you can draw from their combined millions in record sales.

Lawyer Debate
An artist lawyer vs. in-house major label  lawyer discuss the pro’s and con’s of today’s record deal, from an artists’ and labels’ perspective. We’re aiming for this to be a point / counterpoint debate format.  We want some sparks to fly!

  • Featuring  Jules Monroe and Katie Hankin!

The Big Guys
Why does an artist want a major label deal? Where and what can majors offer to today’s artist, who are freely engaging with their fans at a one-to-one level? Why should one agree to a 360 deal? What is a development deal? And when should an artist / manager sit down with the majors?

  • Featuring Courtney Hard, Glenn Dickie, and Tony Harlow!

DIY / Indie Experts
We want to know each panellist’s story, and especially, how they carved out their niche; detailing mistakes and successes, key turning points, obvious set-backs, and critical wins.  Although these specialist service providers come from COMPLETELY different musical worlds, there are some surprising similarities that the industry can pull from a retrospective review of their professional histories. However, we’ll also highlight how there is no silver bullet or one “right way,” you need to know your art / audience / market.

  • Panellists are Sebastian Chase, Graham Nixon, Justin Cosby and Tim Levinson!

Please forward this invitation on to invite your friends, co-workers and artists!

The Executive Seminar Series, Records, Labels & Releases: How to make it in today’s industry is being held at
Notes Newtown on TUESDAY 31 May from 6.30p – 9.30p

It is FREE for all AAM members to attend.
Please email info@aam.org.au for any additional information.

Full Price – $40 (From 24th May Onwards)
Early Bird $30 Up to & including 23rd May
Student with ID – $20 Presale