The Australian Music Industry Network (AMIN) - MusicNSW

Contemporary Music Industry
Achievements and projects


AMIN exists to bring together and represent its members, the state and territory music industry associations, and by doing so create a strong network that provides a national platform for:

– the representation of; and
– the delivery of projects for the benefit of,

the contemporary music industry in Australia.


The AMIN board is comprised of representatives of each member organisation and acts as the voice for member organisations on national issues and the development of national policy. AMIN is in place to support the business objectives of its member organisations and its activities are determined by the state/territory member organisations.

At current the member organisations of AMIN are MusicNSW, WAM, QMusic, MusicSA, Music Tasmania, MusicACTMusicNT and Music Victoria.


In seeking to achieve this purpose, AMIN will undertake:

– delivery of projects; and
– marketing and promotion of the Australian contemporary music industry internationally; and
– advocacy within and on behalf of the industry at a national level; and
– research.

Contemporary Music Industry

AMIN considers the contemporary music industry as:

– having a broad base including musicians and businesses; and
– including grass roots through to commercial concerns; and
– being inclusive of a broad range of musical genres and styles.

Over a number of years, AMIN has been a vehicle which has given voice at a federal level to its members on a range of issues, including Parallel Import of Sound Recordings and the USA/ Australia Free Trade Agreement.

Achievements and projects have included:

AMIN was a key driver of the Australia Council brokered Contemporary Music Roundtable series of meetings, and has subsequently been critical in the formation and ongoing work of the Contemporary Music Working Group. Current AMIN chair Paul Bodlovich (WAM) is a co-convenor of the group, which has brought together representative groups in the Australian music industry in an unprecedented manner. This work is ongoing.

AMIN is an active member of the Music Council of Australia, with key issues including US-Australia Free Trade Agreement and the current push to support live music VROOM (Venue Resource Of Original Music) is an online database and resource tool for independent artists. VROOM development is either complete or largely underway in all states and territories, with an overarching VROOM Australia project to be commenced shortly.

In 2008 AMIN piloted the CONTROL music managers mentor program on behalf of the Cultural Ministers Council.

AMIN have had a presence at the past two South by Southwest events, in 2007 providing marketing and merchandise support and in 2008 managing the Australians at SXSW trade fair stand.

In 2000 AMIN was a key catalyst in lobbying for changes by the Australia Councils Music Fund in their approach and appreciation of the merits of popular contemporary music in relation to other music styles. AMIN made formal submissions on behalf of its members to the Commonwealth Senate concerning Parallel Imports of Sound Recordings and developed a discussion paper on a national contemporary music policy.