Auspicing - MusicNSW

Get in touch with MusicNSW to see how we can auspice your grant application!


There are a number of grant opportunities available to musicians through major Arts funding bodies. If you are applying as a single applicant, you can apply directly to these funding bodies. However, if your grant application involves two or more applicants, there are a number of funding bodies that require group applications to be incorporated organisations and not for profit. As MusicNSW is both incorporated and not for profit, we offer our service as an auspicing body to enable group applicants to apply for the funds. Types of funding may include: grants, scholarships, or partnership programs.


Once you have identified the grant(s) you are applying for, you need to complete the relevant funding body’s grant application form. You should notify MusicNSW of your intention to ask us to auspice your grant application at least one week before the grant application closing date. MusicNSW will then submit the grant on your behalf, meaning that we’ll be the contracting party with the funding body.

If your grant application is successful, MusicNSW receives the funds directly from the funding body, and an agreement will exist between MusicNSW and the applicants for the delivery of the project. This agreement will outline the financial relationship, acknowledgement requirements and acquitting obligations. Basically, the funding you apply for will be administered by MusicNSW.


MusicNSW charges a 10% auspicing fee on the total of the grant you are applying for, if you’re successful. It is a good idea to factor in this cost into your budget plans when applying for the funding.