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This year, MusicNSW celebrates 20 years of empowering and connecting artists and the music industry in NSW.

As part of our birthday celebrations, we’ve revamped our website, bringing you free resources for musicians, like downloadable guides, podcasts and a music industry directory.

We’ve also got a brand new membership system for artists, managers and other music industry professionals. Membership is still free, but now comes with heaps of industry discounts for recording, distribution, merch and so much more. Join the MusicNSW community of musicians and industry professionals – sign up to become a member of MusicNSW today!

We'll be telling our story about our long history of connecting and empowering artists and industry in NSW. 

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There’s always been a community of passionate, brilliant, DIY music makers and music lovers in NSW who gather in bars and warehouses and rehearsal studios and radio stations and start brewing up the next great songs and records and festivals and events.

For 20 years MusicNSW has been there with different generations of those people using a modest amount of government funds to help develop the skills, create the platforms and find more money to make stuff happen. MusicNSW has also tried to make sure that opportunity is a little more evenly spread – supporting First Nations artists, regional all ages presenters, helping FBi Radio get up and running, championing women in electronic music and more. I was lucky enough to be on the board for many years and the people that have worked with MusicNSW have been amazing, among them Victoria Owen, Rose Pearse, Millie Millgate, Jane Powles, Greg Carey, Kirsty Brown, Meg Williams, Claire Portek, Emily Collins and so many more. Nobody does this for money – they do it because of a genuine enthusiasm for the music that comes from this community.  

“Not doing it for the money” sounds almost quaint in NSW right now – too many casinos to build, properties to develop, investments to manage. But while music in NSW can be hard, its always been important. In a challenging environment the role of MusicNSW is more critical than ever.”

- Paul Mason, Australia Council for the Arts

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