The MusicNSW Grants Program - MusicNSW

MusicNSW has recently launched a Grants Program with Contemporary Music Micro Grants being awarded to 24 artists as a contribution towards a variety of different projects including; recording, mastering, re-pressing, marketing, video clip production, and CD artwork.

An the grant recipients are… The Accidents, Adrian Klumpes, Blue Mary, Chaos Maths, Dave Calandra, Dean Johnston, Furcurve, Horrorwood Mannequins, Jesse Younan, Love Parade, Murmur, Nil By Mouth, Overpass, Postcards Kaleido, Redhill, Skullsquadron, Sounds Like Sunset, The Mares, Tom Evans, Twin Tanks, Wons Phreely and a Music Farm project with Human Auto, The Sandcasters and Lariat.

MusicNSW will shortly be announcing Stage 2 of the Grants Program, for Regional Touring, so be sure to keep checking the website for details.