MusicNSW responds to the draft Liquor Bill - MusicNSW

MusicNSW submitted our response on Feb 10 to The Department Of Gaming and Racing on the Draft Liquor Bill. Having spent time looking through the Bill (not your standard bed time reading) we made the following comments.

– We supported the move to an administrative structure.
– We requested that an appeal process be considered if the application was denied.
– We suggested that Night Club Licences be included with On Licence Premises instead of Hotels as their primary function is entertainment not the supply of liquor.
– We proposed that the Social Impact Statement should consider, and give weight to the cultural and social value of live music
– We requested the inclusion of a cultural justification to extend licences.
– We requested that the regulations developed to consider special event licences considers the scope of the event.
– We support the inclusion of the recommendation for The Director to consider The Order of Occupancy in managing complaints.
– We proposed that The Order Of Occupancy Clause clause should go further and to articulate what a licensees existing rights as a prior occupier are. In particular, Music NSW proposes that a licensee carrying on a musical activity will, in a decision making process, have his/her/its existing rights upheld.
– We suggested that the clause would be more effective if The Dpt worked with Local Gvt on creating Local precincts in their planning processes.
– We suggested that the clause would be more effective if The Department worked with Department of Fair Trading to implement Buyer Beware legislation.
– We proposed that The Director considers a venue’s “good reputation” with its local neighborhood in making decisions
– We requested that we are given the opportunity to comment on content and format of the Social Impact Assessment document during it’s drafting and the drafting of other regulations.

The draft bill is being discussed in the current sitting of parliament. Although submissions to Department of Gaming and Racing have closed, it is still worthwhile contacting or writing to members of the NSW parliament, particularly your local member to put forward your thoughts. The list of Parliament Members and their email addresses can be found at