MusicNSW Blanket Public Liability Program - MusicNSW

For those who have recently joined us, MusicNSW is working with AON trying to get cheaper insurance premiums for NSW bands and artists. To do this we need to group a HUGE collection of people together to apply at the same time. We are calling this The MusicNSW Blanket Public Liability Program.

To get started we need to get together a list for AON of who would be interested, then we need them to answer:
1. Estimated number of annual performances by each artist or band?
2. Estimated number of audience in attendance at each performance?
3. a) How many performances are organised by the artists? b) How many performances would be organised by either a promoter or the venue at which they will perform?
4. Projected annual revenue generated from all annual performances?
5. Details of any legal liability and property claims over the past 5 years.

Then AON will talk to the underwriters and get quotes and conditions which MusicNSW will distribute to all interested and if the deals are good we can sign up and if not we can say thanks but no thanks.

At this stage we are still compiling responses from people who expressed interest in the first call, so it’s not too late if you wanted to join in.

If you’re interested please email answering the above questions and she’ll get back to you asap.