Sounds Like Café going LIVE - MusicNSW

The SoundsLikeCafe series has been receiving a large amount of positive feedback for the consistency of providing quality music to over 1200 cafés Australia-wide. Artists such as Bob Evans, Holly Throsby, Brendan Gallagher, Lior, Renee Geyer, Sarah Blasko, Shane Nicholson and Evermore have all utilized the service. See for full tracklistings.
Now phase two in the grand plan is the introduction of a live café circuit and it gets underway this month.

The next few months we will be seeing a range of different SLC artists playing live on the East coast.
The Basement hosts an unplugged special this Saturday night September 9 featuring SLC artists The Honey Palace and Van Sereno.
The Vanguard will be hosting a combined soundslikecafe/homegrownroots showcase night September 26th.
The Audreys (Volume 10) and Nick Everitt (Volume 12) will be playing at Coast Fest(where there will be a soundslikecafe booth) between the 6th and 8th of October in Gosford NSW.
Luke Koteras (Volume 6, 7, 8) will be playing on the first test run of a new Live café circuit throughout Northern NSW and Queensland, performing at a range of existing soundslikecafe Cafes beginning this month. See for gig guide.
Other SLC artists and areas will be following throughout the summer months.

Following on from the success of volume 12 with artists like Bob Evans, Sandrine, Deni Hines and Nick Everitt, Volume 13 distributed this month will be no exception. The artists included on this release will be Simon Kelly, Brendan Gallagher, BoomLa, Amanda Baker, Felicity Urquhart, Jeremy Diffey, Munchkin, Mark Lucas, Rosie Burgess, Isul Kim, Shane Fritsch, Dave Man Collective, Doug Sandrini, Kama Linden, Rubix Cuba, Van Sereno, Simon Chan and Ben Slip.

The final volume for 2006 will be v14 going out November and placing now.
For more information please contact:

Media/General; Marshall Cullen 02 9331 0666
Placements;Paul Nearhos
Cafe Sign Up and Distribution Elia Green