Latest Amrap grant round announced - MusicNSW

Amrap is once again offering grants for community stations and broadcasters to produce short program content for satellite and web distribution.

Funding is available in two categories:

Music Correspondents
Experienced community broadcasters and their sponsoring stations can be paid to produce five short radio pieces about contemporary Australian music.

Live Music Recordings
Community stations can be paid to produce edited radio packages of live music performances.

Applications close Monday November 20, 2006.

For guidelines and application forms email:


Music Correspondents
The inaugural AMRAP Music Correspondents scheme, launched in January 2004, generated a huge amount of interest around the national community radio sector and resulted in ten talented broadcasters from around Australia being selected to participate.

AMRAPs Music Correspondents scheme is modelled on the highly successful 2003 AMRAP / noise partnership which funded 12 young radio makers to produce radio packages about local music. The packages produced through that partnership were used extensively throughout the community sector, and can still be heard online at the Amrap site.

As with the inaugural round of Music Correspondents and the AMRAP / noise project, it is anticipated that the Music Correspondent packages produced through this years initiative will include artist profiles, reports on musical developments and innovations, and snapshots of particular music scenes or events. Specialist music broadcasters are encouraged to apply, although the scheme is not exclusively for presenters of specialist music or Australian music programs. General program makers with an interest in contemporary Australian music, who have good production and organisational skills, are also encouraged to apply.

Live Music Recordings
CB Online data research indicates that in an average week, stations across the sector record more than 400 hours of Australian music. The Live Music Recordings category is intended to support editing and re-packaging of live music recordings that would be of interest to a national audience.

Stations can apply for funding to produce a series of edited packages of live music recordings that would be of interest to a national audience. Recordings can be sourced from live to air music programs, festivals or concerts. It is expected that packages proposed for a series will be related to each other in some way (eg derived from a particular event / regular program or based on a particular subject).