Triple J Odyssey - MusicNSW

Yearning for adventure but don’t have a cent?

Where would you go if you were armed with a shiny new camera, flash new laptop and a whole swag of travellers cheques? Hunt for your long-lost cousin in the hills of Bhutan? Travel to Alaska and debunk the myths about Eskimos? Explore Machu Picchu, the Lost City of the Incas in Peru?

triple j has unveiled a new competition that could see you travel the world all expenses paid, for a whole month.
It would be the ultimate odyssey, the adventure of a lifetime. And triple j could make it all a reality!

Tell us your ultimate J Odyssey. It can be anywhere in the
world, doing anything you desire. If we think your proposal
is the most imaginative and well-planned, we’ll hand over
$10,000 and send you on your way. You ‘ ll report back to
the nation via a daily blog and regular phone calls to be
broadcast and shared with the nation, taking us with you
every step of the way.

Its an extraordinary prize for an extraordinarily lucky
listener. The competition closes on 13 July, so head to the
triple j website for details of entry and apply now.

The 2007 J Odyssey. Let your imagination run wild world-wide.