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As you probably know, the college and university touring market in the United States can be a great opportunity for up and coming bands and artists to reach a broader fan base and actually bring in some money on the road. Many popular bands including Dave Matthews Band and O.A.R. built their momentum through the college scene, and it is a great way to break into the US market. If your band is thinking about coming to the States for South by Southwest or Canadian Music Week next March, you should know about NACA, the National Association for Campus Activities.

What is NACA?

NACA is made up of music and events buyers from nearly every college/university in the United States, and is the primary connection between the university and music industry networks. NACA is most commonly recognized through the music industry for its role in facilitating cooperative buying amongst colleges and universities. In co-op buying, several regional colleges will work together to book blocks of dates, making it more cost-effective for university programming committees. From an artist’s standpoint, this means that, for example, instead of booking one or two shows at $2500 each, you might book eight or ten regional shows at $2000 each.

Each February, NACA hosts the National Convention which brings together artists, music agencies and university entertainment buyers. The National Convention allows college reps see live showcases and organise co-op buying with neighbouring universities. The National Convention is held in a different city each year – the next NACA National Convention is scheduled for February 16 – 20, 2008, in St. Louis, Missouri. The best way for bands and artists to connect with NACA members is to showcase at the National Convention.

The showcase submission deadline for the 2008 NACA National Convention is Wednesday, September 19, 2007.

***Austrade is looking to facilitate logistics around this year’s NACA Conference for Australian bands. If you are interested in attending

NACA please register an ‘expression of interest’ with me by Friday, August 24 by simply emailing me at .

College entertainment buyers spend the week in front of dozens of bands and artists, working with neighbouring colleges to schedule music programming for the upcoming year. Undoubtedly, showcasing at the NACA National Convention is the best way for artists to reach the college music scene and streamline the process of organising a college tour. NACA makes it easier for college music buyers and tastemakers to discover AND book your band.

Networking with NACA members is also a great way to build relationships to reach other organisations such as fraternities, campus groups, and local bars or entertainment venues that book music talent.

For more information on submission guidelines, deadlines, and fees, visit the NACA website at:

Also, check out Starpolish’s guide to ‘Booking College Shows’ at

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