Australian recording artists whose music is being broadcast, or hold copyright in recordings receiving airplay, may be able to share in licence fees collected by the Phonographic Performance Company of Australia (PPCA). Record labels do not notify of artist releases or registrations – this is the artist’s responsibility.

PPCA represents and pays featured Australian recording artists and record labels in the same way that APRA pays songwriters and publishers – they collect licence fees from over 50,000 businesses and broadcasters from across Australia that play sound recordings (CD, digital downloads) and music videos. If you have released a CD within the past year and not lodged your artist registration, any income would be paid to your record label.

Registering with PPCA is free! For details, visit www.ppca.com.au or contact PPCA’s distribution team on (02) 8569 1133 or distribution.mail@ppca.com.au Registration cut-off for the current distribution is Tuesday 30 September.