OZJAM.com.au a new networking site for muso’s alike - MusicNSW

Well some say that it is more than a networking site, its a “musical revolution” but take what you will.
Oz Jam has the potential to be something amazing connecting like minded peers and creative folk regardless of the genre they play – new styles, new movements, new bands, new tours who knows what will happen when this many creatives knock virtual heads.

Ozjam.com.au was launched on the 22nd November following 12 months of development working very closely with a diverse group of Australian musicians. During this time the following features have been included to help any musician’s journey:
Detailed member profiles with audio and video
Intelligent search capabilities
Member Interviews and Features
Gig Guide
Sales Noticeboard
‘How To’ articles
And a unique name creation service!

Oz Jam is for people who want to join a band, fill your band, tour your band, or just to jam with other bands and musicians. Its new and its already huge! Check it out.