‘Soundclash’ Australia Council announces new Grant Opportunity - MusicNSW

The Australia Council has announced that a new grant is available to popular and contemporary music projects that focus on experimentation.

‘Soundclash’ is the category and successful musical innovation within the popular music format is a key consideration in the assessment of this initiative. ‘Soundclash’ will provide up to $10,000 in funding to cover any costs related to a contemporary popular music project with two exceptions:
1. Costs associated with the Recording, Production or Promotion of a CD.
2. Costs associated with overseas touring or showcasing.

Applications will be judged on artistic merit of the project and quality of the artists involved, good planning and effective use of resources and finally the extent to which the project demonstrates an experimental, creative and innovative approach to contemporary popular music.

Applications close: 20 April (decisions advised June).

For more information visit the link below or call Australia Councils toll free on 1800 226 912