State Government Grants to attend AMBC - MusicNSW

The Australasian Music Business Conference is fast approaching and here are some ways to get to this traveling Business Conference with a little help from your friends…

Educational Scholarships

INMEDIA! has granted $15,000 for 20 scholarships (One student from each institution involved) to music business courses or schools in each state. If your instition is not one of those there is still a 20% discount for all students who wish to attend.

Corporate Rates

‘ten or more’ corporate rates apply if you work for a big-er company get everyone together and let your ‘superiors’ know!


Each attendee gets a showbag filled with music business publications, pad and pen, the new AustralAsian Music Industry Directory and many more treats as well as a free online weekly subscription to the new Music Network trade.
This subscription starts next week on June 15 when we open up the A.C.C.E.S.S attendees’ private networking area that is filled with hundreds of crucial reference articles on all panel topics, an online news stand, resources and database of the already over 200 attendees who have signed up.

Early bird registration is still happening until June 15