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Stolen Memories

1.) Stolen Memories is…
A three piece rock/blues band from the Central Coast of N.S.W. Three mates jammin, playin and having a good time.

2.) How would you describe Stolen Memories sound?

Our sound is something a bit different. We have a bluesy rock sound but we dont like to limit ourselves to a rock/blues band. Our sound is diverse, from fast, punchy rock songs to slow ballads and everything in between. It is hard to restrict our sound to a specific genre, the only way to really know is to listen for yourself.

3.) What did winning YouthRock 2009 mean to Stolen Memories? Any highlights from the night (aside from winning of course)?

Winning YouthRock for us was amazing. We were stoked just be playing on such a great stage with such great bands, to think that we won still seems somewhat surreal because the talent on the night was really impressive. The other highlights as I mentioned before would definitely have to be the other bands, in particular, The Bennisons, Breaking Contrast, Powerage and Mind Priorities. They made it such a great night. Its definitely something that we wont be forgetting anytime soon.

4.) Stolen Memories is no stranger to winning band competitions, you guys have won a few titles in your time and youve only been together for 3 years. What do you think is the key to Stolen Memories successes and what motivates you to keep reaching for new heights?

I think that the key is being ourselves. We dont look or sound like any other bands and I think that in this day and age that is becoming a rarity. It is those type of things that the judges of band competitions seem to appreciate. As for motivation, I think its the feeling that we get when are playing or jamming. If you asked anyone who has performed in front of a large audience, Im sure that they would agree that the feeling is amazing.

5.) Stolen Memories really gets amongst the all ages music scene. What is the all ages scene like on the Central Coast where you guys hail from? How important is the all age scene to Stolen Memories?

The all ages music scene on the coast is not the best, it is really divided. Who you know can have a big influence on whether or not you get shows. In the first two years we didnt get many shows at all but we just kept playing anywhere we could. Only in the last 12 months have we started to build up a bit of a reputation and are finding that people are contacting us for bookings (which makes life a little easier). Without the all ages music scene Stolen Memories would not have done half the things that we have done or had half the opportunities that we have had.

6.) What does the future hold for Stolen Memories?

In the next couple of months we will be releasing our first EP, but beyond that hopefully we can keep playing, recording and having a good time about it. The future is looking bright at the moment and if things keep going the way they are, next year (when we are all 18) we will be touring as much as we can. Who knows what the future holds for us, time will tell I guess.

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