Gadigal Music wants NSW Indigenous artists to record EP - MusicNSW

Gadigal Music is calling on submissions for 3 emerging Indigenous artists in NSW to apply to record an EP with them in the brand spanking new Gadigal Studios. This is an opportunity for anyone who wants to up their recording experience and produce a professional EP. The criteria is that you must be an originals band – which means no covers, you will record your own original tracks.

To apply for this send your demo’s (doesn’t matter the quality) and a short bio to

Michael Hutchings
Gadigal Music
PO Box 966 Strawberry Hills NSW 2012

Applications close on the 31st of July and if you are one of the chosen 3 to record your EP will be put out on Gadigal Music.

To find out more information about this opportunity email or call him on  02 9384 4017

If your a NSW indigenous artist and want some music business/industry help/advice you can call Frank Trotman-Golden Whichway Project Manager on 02 9699 9706.