Sarah Blasko - MusicNSW


1. What was the first band/act you saw live?

Not sure, probably a Christian “metal” band like Stryper! But I seem to remember a show with Custard, The Fauves & Sidewinder that is clear in my head. At the Caringbah Inn..

2. What’d you learn from them?

It’s good to not take yourself too seriously.

3. Got any pre gig rituals?

I like to do a little pep talk with the band that is reminiscent of a rugby match.  We plan our play very carefully!

4. What do you think the most important issue affecting artists in NSW is today?

I think pokie machines and the liquor licenses are something that still affects the music scene negatively.  We still need to create more of an atmosphere for the arts within this city.

5. If you weren’t a musician what do you reckon you’d be doing?

I think I’d have my own cafe.  Just a small place with a few tables, great coffee, a simple menu.  A brightly painted hole in the wall that was my very own.

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