The CDR sessions are about new, unreleased music. Whether you are signed, unsigned, world-famous or, as yet, undiscovered, we play only music that you have made and brought along on the day. CDR is the future sound of underground music – still under construction.

CDR will be travelling to Newcastle for Sound Summit, bringing Melbourne producer Qua along for the ride. Join them Sat Oct 3 at 4pm as they deconstruct music making and creative minefields. To make your music part of this event drop your cdr burn off at TPI Auditorium any time during the festival, send it in to MusicNSW before September 30 or turn up at the festival club at 4pm Saturday October 3 during This Is Not Art.

The brainchild of London-based burntprogress duo Tony Nwachukwu and Gavin Alexander, CDR was launched in Australia back in 2006 by Lorna Clarkson (Fbi Radio) and Mark Pritchard (Warp). With Tony as host for the first Australian Session, the night was a massive success! The spark was lit – CDR Sydney was born.

Now, alongside Lorna and Mark, the CDR team has grown, including Sofie Loizou (Southern Outpost), Alex Crowfoot (OllO) and Martin Flex. Every few months we aim to bring motivated music manipulators together to hear their own, and other peoples, ideas and creations on a chunky sound system. No pressure – just music appreciation over a cold beer.

In addition to hearing fresh tracks from Sydneys finest, youll also get to hear the latest, unreleased gear from big names around the world, as our CDR DJs use their extensive connections to get their hands on some of the hottest wavs in existence.

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