Dappled Cities - MusicNSW


Answered by Tim Derricourt

1. What was the first band you saw live?
Probably Regurgitator at a “Save the ABC” concert my folks took me to in the domain  – first one I remember anyway

2. What’d you learn from them?
Gosh – you know I DO love very energetic and entertaining performances when playing with Dappled so maybe I learnt that to engage a huge crowd you have to be charismatic and lots of fun (which I totally am! And they were)

3. Got any pregig rituals?
None I’m afraid – unless you count slicing up 32 seedless watermelons with an 18th Century Samurai sword and covering the mashed juicy fruit all over our reasonably naked bodies whilst 5 particularly agile gofers clean our teeth using legally purchased portions of the Berlin wall, a ritual

4. What do you think is the most important issue affect NSW artists today?
Most will probably tell you funding – like having to keep a day job alongside the real art you do because playing music or sculpting just doesn’t bring in regular income. I don’t really mind that aspect but I can see how it’s annoying sometimes – but like all life – it’s all experience so it shouldn’t get you down too much.

5. If you weren’t a musician what do you rekon you’d be doing?
Probably running a communal bath house – a sento or something

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