Free workshops for emerging Indigenous Artists, thanks Whichway. - MusicNSW

Whichway, a project of MusicNSW, exists to assist in the development of the Indigenous music industry in NSW. On October, 20-22 and 27-29, Whichway will host two series of workshops for emerging Indigenous artists interested in taking their music that one step further. The introduction workshops will be split over two weeks by style of music, and involve practical workshops, interactive discussions and demonstrations from industry professionals and established musicians.

Whichway would like to take this opportunity to invite innovative and emerging Indigenous artists to take part in either the Song writing or Hip Hop Introduction workshops at the Gadigal Studios in Redfern. The workshops are free to participate and are targeted at passionate artists committed to their music, and wanting to improve their knowledge and skills.

The Song writing session (20 – 22nd October) will feature talks with Gregg Donovan (Mgt Josh Pyke, Grinspoon) Stacey Piggott (Two Fish Out of Water PR), Jane Powles (MusicNSW/Space Junk), plus practical workshops with Microwave Jenny and more to be announced.

The Hip Hop session (27-29th October) will feature talks with Adriana Rios (Black Chilli Productions), Eliza Sarlos (MusicNSW/FBi) Stacey Piggott (Two Fish Out of Water PR), Jane Powles (MusicNSW/Space Junk), plus practical workshops with The Last Kinection and Ozi Batla.

The introduction workshops are an integral part of the Whichway program, which also includes recording opportunities, ongoing support, advice, referral and auspice of grants. Whicwhay has been set up to aide Indigenous music in NSW, with the primary objective to help bridge the gap between the Indigenous and the broader music industry.

The Industry Introduction workshops are funded by the Department of Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts, (DEWHA). To reserve your spot to either of the two workshops email Frank Trotman-Golden, Whichway Project Manager;

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