MusicNSW Seeks New Director Corporate - MusicNSW

MusicNSW is currently seeking a permanent part-time Corporate Director to work alongside the MusicNSW Creative Director to lead MusicNSW through its next stage of growth and development.

MusicNSW, is a not-for-profit association representing contemporary music in NSW. We exist to support the creative and economic expansion of musicians and the Contemporary Music Industry within NSW through advocacy, resource assistance, activating growth of industry infrastructure, delivery of tailored initiatives and provision of advice and referrals.

MusicNSW is located in Sydney, NSW, in the Alexandria Music Hub on Botany Rd.

We are the NSW Music Association that exists to represent artists and industry at all levels accessible to all our constituents on a non fee basis.

The Corporate Director is responsible for the internal governance of the organisation, ensuring all corporate and legal responsibilities are managed effectively, developing and monitoring internal policies, plans and procedures, ensuring the fiscal stability of the organisation, is responsible for Board Governance, and is the contact point for key government relations.
The Corporate Director works jointly with the Creative Director at the CEO level reporting directly to The Board of Directors, with the Creative Director advising the industry framework within which the organisation operates.

• Ensure all corporate funding and responsibilities are met.
• Maintain and improve board governance through consolidation of roles
and responsibility documentation, recruitment and succession plans and
policy and procedure documentation.
• Review and further develop planning and reporting procedures against
business plan and operational plans and their stated KPI’s.
• Effectively liaise with the MNSW Board.
• Engage in rigorous and thorough evaluation of all structures and
processes on an annual basis.
• Maintain progressive financial and project governance, through effective
project management procedures, financial management procedures,
regular reporting and analysis of figures and statistical data, accurate
budgeting and approval systems.
• Deliver progressive human resource management, incorporating
progressive communication strategies, staff development opportunities,
succession plans and delivery of both OH&S and EEO Policies.
• Ensure good fiscal governance through applying accounting procedures
that adhere to generally accepted accounting standards, timely reporting
processes, effective budgeting processes, appropriate financial
delegations and the facilitating of an independent annual audit.
• Monitor, inform and influence Government policy at state, national and
international level as it relates to NSW artists and industry.
• Ensure MNSW partners and contribute to strategic industry research.
• Source funds for and manage a devolved grant program that supports
creative development and touring for NSW artists.
• Explore resourcing opportunities for Regional Development.
• Ensure effective marketing of MNSW to stakeholders.

Jointly with the Creative Director you will be responsible for
• Facilitate opportunities to inform government regarding the status and
operations of the NSW Music Industry.
• Ensure MusicNSW is a proactive state member of AMIN.
• Continue to address current industry needs related to management
skills, digital commerce information and live performance opportunities.

Selection Criteria
• Experience in a senior management role in a not for profit and board
governed organisation.
• Demonstrated experience in planning processes and KPI reporting.
• Demonstrated financial management skills, including a working
knowledge of MYOB.
• Experience in policy development and advocacy.
• High-level interpersonal, oral and written communication skills.
• Demonstrated understanding of grant/funding structures and priorities
and ability to negotiate confidently.
• High degree of analytical skills, ability to think critically and
systematically in relation to industry needs and visionary development.
• Proven people management and organisational skills.

Preferred Qualifications
• Graduate Qualifications in Arts Administration, Music Business,
Communications or other relevant discipline.

Director Corporate – Permanent Part-Time – 18.75 hours per week.

For further information please download the full position description, or contact MusicNSW President, Jules Munro, on the details below.
To apply for this position. email your CV with a Cover Letter on or before 13 November 2009 to:

Jules Munro
C/-Ms Tameiko Tay Moule
Simpsons Solicitors
Level 2, Lot 1, Pier 8/9 23 Hickson Road
Millers Point NSW 2000 Sydney
Ph. 8014 5050