Myspace Music Launches - MusicNSW

Myspace Australia have launched Myspace Music, after signing an agreement with local consituents of major labels, and independent content deals with IODA and The Orchard.This is a positive step to unite fans with music, but the launch of this new service was stifled for exitement when it came to attention that the independent artists in Australia wouldn’t at this stage be represented despite independent content deals with digital aggregators IODA and The Orchard.

Myspace are confident that this issue will be resolved and conversations are already happening with MERLIN – a global licensing agency based in London that exists to help independent artists tap into new revenue systems, like that of the new Myspace Music model.

Here is hoping conversations will conclude with a positive outcome for independent artists, as soon as possible.

Myspace Music surrounds the idea that people want to listen to music before they buy it, the public play lists enable fans to promote what they are listening to and forward suggestions onto other people. All the while connecting with iTunes to buy the albums and songs directly.