The Hopetoun Hotel - MusicNSW

Recent events surrounding the Hopetoun Hotel, despite all that state government is doing, indicate that the scales haven’t yet turned. Without a doubt the Hoey is one of Sydney’s most successful and iconic live music venues and when something of this scale within our world falters it leaves one wondering about the future for live music in NSW.

MusicNSW has been fighting for live music venues for over 6 years, the history is in the Industry Issues section of this website, significant steps forward have been made with changes to the liquor legislation and the abolishment of the POPE’s.

When the fight began a state government strategy was created to protect and support live music venues in NSW, this strategy addressed not only legislation but also support in the form of sound attenuation grants, education including the creation of a live music education officer and planning including working with local governments to ensure their plans and communication strategies nurtured live music.

Quite clearly events of this week has shown us that without having these other strategies addressed Live Music in NSW will continue to struggle. As a community we need to keep stressing the importance of ensuring that our live music venues can survive.

Have the discussion, spread the word, let your local members and the State Minister know what is important to you!