MIPI Independent Anti-Piracy Workshops - MusicNSW

MIPI has recently launched its 2009 Piracy Awareness Program and, with the co-operation of the AIR (Australian Independent Records Association), is set to present educational sessions in Sydney and Melbourne, especially dedicated to the independent music sector.

The Piracy Awareness is an interactive 1-2 hour session designed specifically for record company and industry staffers to help identify and refer matters of suspected piracy.

Areas covered include internet surveillance, prerelease security and forensic issues concerning counterfiets.

Presenting the sessions will be Marianna Annas, General Manager and Dean Mitchell, Investigations Manager.

MIPI welcomes any interested parties working in the independent music sector to attend either of the following sessions:

Sydney 2nd December at Doppio Cafe Level 6, 19 Harris St Pyrmont form 3-5pm

For further information regarding MIPI’s 2009 Pircy Awarness Program or to reserve your place, please contact Samantha Hales by phone  02 8569 1177 or by email at mipi@mipi.com.au