DEWHA Grants open - MusicNSW

The Department of Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts (DEWHA) have announced the dates for their 2010 grants. DEWHA have a strong focus on touring regional and remote Australia, so this might help you get out of the city in the new year.

The closing date for all of these is February 5, 2010 for projects happening after July 1, 2010.

Contemporary Music Touring Program
This is one of those grants designed to help break the mould of metro touring circuits and well get out there, and hey everyone likes playing to new audiences. Higher priority is given to those planning on touring to outer regional and remote Australia. Fast Facts: It is encourage but not essential to incorporate workshops, a tour is more than three stops, you can apply for up to $10,000 but if you are going to remote Australia you can apply for TRAX assistance and then the pool will never empty – so to speak. >>More Information

Festivals Australia
Again this grant has a regional focus and helps communities outside metro areas stage music and arts festivals. The most recent recipient of the Festivals Australia Grant was Wagga Wagga who wanted to incorporate a hip hop component to their youth festival. Fast Facts: This grant is one off funding to add to an exsisting cultural event – the component that you are applying for must not have been presented before. There are two grant categories, small grants (up to $12,000 and large grants (over $12,000) >>More Information

Indigenous Broadcasting Program
This program is designed to meet and support the need for Indigenous radio broadcasting in regional, remote and metro areas in Australia. You will need to be apart of an organisation for this – you can’t apply as an individual. There are two types of funding, annual and triennal. Annual funding is mainly relevant for operational costs (including wages + training) association with broadcasting. Triennal funding is relevant for similar costs but is expected to cover alot more planning and deliver more strategic results over three years. >>More Information

For a full list of DEWHA grants that are available – across all art forms – check out their webiste.