Managing Content on YouTube - MusicNSW

YouTube everyone’s favorite video sharing site has created an advanced set of policies and content management tools to give rights holders control of their content on YouTube. YouTube provides content management solutions for rights holders of all sizes across the world, and provides tools to cater to the specific needs of various rights owners.

On Wednesday December 9 YouTube will be holding a seminar on how to manage your content on YouTube by using the Content ID system. These breifings will be held from 11:30 – 1pm at Google Australia
Level 5, 48 Pirrama Road, Prymont, Sydney NSW

The session will be presented by David King, Senior Product Manager at YouTube and architect of the Content ID System.

If you are interested in attending these sessions please drop Boronia Morison a line at

The use of YoutTube’s copyright tools is free, and does not require any commercial partnership with YouTube.

YouTube has always supported the copyright notice and takedown system, allowing any rights holder to submit claims. For rights holders with high volume copyright needs, Content ID provides automated content identification and management capabilities.

Audio ID and Video ID = Content ID

What are Audio ID and Video ID?
YouTube’s state-of-the-art technologies let rights owners:

  • Identify user-uploaded videos comprised entirely OR partially of their content, and
  • Choose, in advance, what they want to happen when those videos are found on YouTube: Make money from them. Get stats on them. Or block them from YouTube altogether.  It’s up to the rights owner.

Why use Audio ID and Video ID?
Audio ID and Video ID give rights holders unprecedented control over their content on YouTube.

Robust and proven technology:  Content ID can detect matches even if the uploaded video or audio file is not a perfect match to the original, or if the matching clip is of short duration.

Sophisticated policy settings:  Content ID enable rights holders to set policies (e.g., block, monetise, or track viewing metrics) that vary depending on territory, duration and proportion of match.

Insight analytics:  Content ID’s built in analytics tools allow rights holders to see aggregated statistics about who is watching their claimed content, where it’s watched, and the search terms used to find the content.