Guineafowl - MusicNSW

Guineafowl is a musician from Sydney who began recording demos in his living room late last year and now has grown into a six piece noise machine.

1. What was the first band you saw live? What’d you learn from them?
The Gypsy Kings.

2. What’d you learn from them?
I learnt from watching them at a young age that I love music that makes you dance.

3. Got any pre-gig rituals?
The six of us usually huddle before each gig and one of the band members will deliver a pep talk, I am usually trying to interrupt by singing Tiny Dancer.

4. What do you think is the most important issue affecting Music in NSW is today?
Venues. They put too much pressure on bands to bring hundreds of people, without actually encouraging or supporting a band through advertising or capital. Without a nurturing live community , NSW music will not be able to grow.

5. If you weren’t a musician what do you rekon you’d be doing?
Working as a production assistant for Australia’s Funniest Home Videos… seriously.

Guineafowl is appearing live at our May Music Open Day with FBi. More info here.