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Federal Strategic Contemporary Music Industry Plan

During the 2007 election a number of commitments to support Australia’s contemporary music industry were made, including the development of a Strategic Contemporary Music Industry Plan.We’re totally thrilled to let you know it’s here!

Here’s whats come through from the Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts:

The Australian Government is committed to supporting the Australian contemporary music industry, a significant contributor to our nation’s culture and economy.

This draft Strategic Plan has been developed in consultation with key stakeholders and relevant Government agencies. The draft Strategic Plan highlights five key priority areas for action. The Government’s election commitments in relation to boosting music industry exports, promoting private capital investment opportunities and reducing barriers to live performance are
also addressed in this draft Strategic Plan.

The draft Strategic Plan acknowledges existing Australian Government support for the contemporary music industry as well as the cross-jurisdictional work currently underway for contemporary music development, including work being undertaken through the Cultural Ministers Council. It also outlines a series of ideas for potential initiatives within each of the
priority areas, for which we are now seeking industry comment.

As many of the issues faced by the Indigenous contemporary music sector are similar to the broader industry, a focus on Indigenous contemporary music will be integral to all of the key priority areas. The draft Strategic Plan is also designed to reinforce and complement the aims and principles of the Cultural Ministers Council’s Indigenous Contemporary Music Action Plan.

I am keen to ensure that the Australian Government receives industry advice on the draft Strategic Plan, and in particular the key priority areas and potential initiatives. There is no commitment or guarantee that the initiatives will be funded or developed further.

A number of questions are included in the draft Strategic Plan which I encourage you to consider and comment on through a written submission to the Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts.

Minister for Environment Protection, Heritage and the Arts

Download the Discussion Paper.
MusicNSW is drafting a submission in response to this discussion paper. We invite all artists, industry and fans to contribute their comments – please do so by Emailing us by FRIDAY JUNE 19 to include in our submission, and have your say on the future of contemporary music in Australia!