AMRAP Hit Back ACMA Ruling with Midnight GaGa - MusicNSW

Following the ruling that digital radio stations are exempt from local content quotas, Amrap launched a spoof ‘radio station.’

In direct reference to Austereo’s Main Stage digital radio station, which has run temporary stations dedicated to single artists, including that of Lady GaGa (Radio GaGa), Pink (Pink Radio) and AC/DC (High Voltage Radio), Amrap has created a satirical online ‘radio station’ in protest of the Australian Communications and Media Authority’s ruling that digital radio stations do not have to meet local content quotas. Midnight GaGa Radio is a mash-up of Midnight Oil’s Beds Are Burning and Lady GaGa’s Poker Face, and is simply a stream on loop on the Amrap blog.

Amrap’s manager Chris Johnson said: “Do ACMA and CRA seriously believe that devoting a radio station to advertise a single American pop star is a legitimate and innovative use of Australia?s radio spectrum? If so, Midnight Gaga Radio might just be a winner. In the meantime, AMRAP will continue its important work of promoting radio airplay for Australian musicians around the country.”