PPCA’s Current Distribution Registration Cut Off Soon - MusicNSW

If you are an Australian recording artist whose music is being broadcast or you hold the copyright in recordings that are receiving airplay, then you may be able to share in licence fees collected by PPCA.

PPCA collects licence fees from over 50,000 businesses across Australia which play sound recordings (CD, digital downloads) and music videos.

Each year, PPCA distributes the licence income collected, less administration expenses, to registered Australian recording artists and sound recording copyright owners (usually record labels).

PPCA represents and pays featured Australian recording artists and record labels in the same way that APRA pays songwriters and publishers.

Featured Australian recording artists may be able to share in licence fees collected by PPCA under the Artist Direct Distribution Scheme. But it’s essential that you register with PPCA before September 15 to be eligible for this year’s distribution.

If you are already registered with PPCA, it is important that you notify us of all releases on which you are eligible to claim under the Artist Direct Distribution Scheme before September 15. Record labels do not notify us of artist releases or registrations – this is the artist’s responsibility.

If you have released a CD within the past year and have not lodged your artist registrations, then any income that may have been earned for that release will be paid to your record label.

Registering with PPCA is free and essential – If you’d like to check what artist registrations we have for you, please contact PPCA’s distribution team – we’ll be happy to help!

Here’s what some Australian artists have to say about PPCA:

“PPCA is a company that recording artists can rely on with confidence to collect income on our behalf when our music is played in public.” – Tania Kernaghan

“PPCA pays recording artists in the same way that APRA pays songwriters and publishers. It’s definitely a good idea to register with both, just to make sure all your rights as a recording artist and songwriter are being looked after.” Stu Macleod – Eskimo Joe.

“As an artist … it’s very important to know that my rights are being protected. I am registered with PPCA as an Australian Recording Artist and receive a direct payment each year that my songs receive airplay. If you are a signed artist or an independent, it is in your interest to see if PPCA can work for you.” – Melinda Schneider

For more information, please contact: PPCA Distribution Team distribution.mail@ppca.com.au or phone (02) 8569 1133.