Shock Acquisition by Regency Media - MusicNSW

One of Australia’s largest independent entertainment companies has been bought bout. Shock, which has been releasing, distributing and exporting local music since 1988, has been acquired by Regency Media- a DVD/CD manufacturing and distribution company.

“Regency Media has been manufacturing for Shock over many years, so we are pleased that we can be their ‘white knight’ and now work together as a united team and build on our existing relationship,’ said Fiona Horman, Regency Media’s managing director.

The companies will now form, what is believed to be, Australia’s largest independent entertainment conglomerate. However, both will operate under their existing names.

Shock chairman, David Williams said, “Regency and Shock will give local artists an even greater opportunity to sell their talent, as we will have the complete supply chain from studio, manufacturing, distribution and marketing.”

The news follows the collapse of Shock’s publishing arm, which went into liquidation after 17 years in June.

Source: Mess+Noise.