Hello Music Wants To Break Aussie Bands Stateside - MusicNSW

Hello Music is working with the Australian Music Office to bring Australian musicians amazing new exclusive opportunities to break into the US music market.

Sign up for Hello Music today to make sure you’re first in line to hear about upcoming offers, and to submit yourself for all the great opportunities already on Hello Music.

Hello Music connects musicians to opportunities not usually available to unsigned or foreign artists. It’s free to sign up and submit yourself to all opportunities on Hello Music – including Yahoo! Radio, Free Music Tuesday on AOL’s music blog, placement opportunities for Film and TV, festival slots and other great gigs. Not to mention, every artist gets a free A&R feedback report from our in-house music screening team telling you what we thought of your music.

There’s nothing to lose, so go to hellomusic.com and submit your music today. Be sure to add the tag “AMO ARTIST” in the LOCATION field after you enter your location, so we can identify you for AMO opportunities. For example, if you’re from Melbourne, type: “Location: Melbourne, AU – AMO ARTIST.”