Presentation and Promotion – Music - MusicNSW

Presentation and Promotion grants support one-off projects that present, publish, distribute and/or market quality music of any style.

Presentation and Promotion grants support activities such as gigs, concerts, festivals, showcases and promotional or performance tours within Australia, and publications that document or discuss aspects of music in Australia.

Costs associated with the recording, production or promotion of a CD are not eligible for funding under Presentation and Promotion.

You may apply to the music board for professional fees, associated expenses such as on-costs and travel, and a reasonable level of promotional and administrative costs, including those for activities that are not fully professional. If you wish to claim administrative costs, you should provide a detailed breakdown of these costs in your project budget.

Creation of new work
Applications for the creation of new work should be submitted under the new work category.

International activities
The Music Board will consider applications for international marketing activities in this category. International touring and international showcasing are not supported in this category. Applicants must apply to the international pathways initiative for support for international touring, and to international market development’s ‘live on stage’ initiative for support for international showcasing.

Closing date: 16 November 2010
Decisions advised: March 2011
Projects may start: 18 March 2011

For more information, see the Australia Council website.