Quick Response Grant Applications Close Monday - MusicNSW

Arts NSW is offering a grant of up to $10,000 for projects that have run into unexpected opportunities or have been invited to participate in an opportunity at short notice.

The Quick Response Project Funding grant is available for professional individuals, groups and small to medium-sized organisations who will be participating in a recognised national or international arts and cultural event or activity.

So, you could be a musician or band who have been given a great opportunity to engage with a new audience overseas, and you need some money to fund the expedition: the Quick Response Project Funding may help you get there.

This round of funding applies to events or activities that begin on or after Monday DECEMBER 13, 2010.
The closing date for the final round of Quick Response Project Funding is Monday NOVEMBER 1, 2010.

MusicNSW is an auspicing organisation and can auspice music related applications upon request. More information at info@musicnsw.com

The activities eligible for funding in this category would not meet the criteria or timing of the main Arts Funding Program categories.

The objectives of Quick ResponseProject Funding are to:

  • enable individuals/organisations to take up unexpected opportunities that are time sensitive and could not be planned for
  • support professional and artistic development in NSW
  • stimulate arts and cultural development in NSW
  • support the employment of NSW artists
  • contribute to innovation and excellence
  • improve performance and production standards
  • promote the NSW arts and cultural sector nationally and internationally.

For more information on eligibility and for application guidelines, see here.