The Key of Sea - MusicNSW

Well over 100 people have worked hard, given money, time, craft, expertise and passion to this project. The fact that it’s instore after just 5 months of hard work is amazing. We’re proud of it, it deserves a listen. We think you should purchase it for the following reasons:

1. The Music. It sounds extraordinary, from Sarah Blasko and Ajak Kwai’s gorgeous collaboration to the graceful and timeless track written and recorded by Nadia Omar with Oh Mercy and sprawling psychadelic blues with middle eastern jams from The Vasco Era and Yousif Aziz. We could go on a long time. The music is stunning.

2. The Cause.All profits from this album go to the Asylum Seaker Resource Centre, RISE (Refugees, Ex-Detainees and Survivors) and the Human Rights Arts and Film Festival. Amazing organisations, non-partisan, non-government, non-profit, positive organisations that do an incredible amount of good.

3. The Message.

This album is a statement by all the artists and all those involved in making the album that Australian multi-culturalism is something we’re incredibly proud of and that we support humane refugee and human rights policy. If you buy it, then you’re making that statement too. Yesterday’s historic High Court decision concerning the processing of asylum seekers was impecibly timed for the release of the album. The success of this album makes a very simple and clear statement to policy makers.

Thank you so much to Correne Wilkie and The Cat Empire for organising last night’s gig almost singlehandedly while in the midst of European and Japanese tours. Your generosity is inspiring. Massive thanks also to great performances from Blue King Brown, Diafrix, Anbessa Gebrehiwot, The Eurobites Greek band. Finally, thanks to The Vasco Era whose absolutely jaw-dropping performance of their Ther Key Of Sea track ‘Habibi Ba’ada Zelan’ with Yousif Aziz brought the house down. People cried!

All proceeds go to The Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, Human Right Arts and Film Festival and RISE – Refugees Survivors and Ex-Detainees.