Stone Parade - MusicNSW

Putting an emphasis on the ‘hair flick’ is not the focus of most bands, but Stone Parade pride themselves on making themselves look good when they take the stage. Why is the ‘hair flick’ important? They put it down to when they were first seeking band members, and their classifieds would include really good looking musicians.

Having recently toured 70 school across Australia, the guys have an appreciation of the importance of supporting the all-ages live music scene. Playing songs from their latest release Stratosphere, Stone Parade brought a new experience to the youth, exposing them to a unique rock sound.

When lead singer, Greg Byrne, was asked about any pre-gig rituals, his response was ‘I usually pace up and down a hallway performing hum scales like a whale. This creates much attention. The other bands members are just use to it now, they don’t flinch.’

And some advice they would give to any artist would be to latch onto creative people, and choose who you surround yourself with wisely. Wise words.