Australia Council’s New Music And Dance Initiative - MusicNSW

The Australia Council is inviting Australian dancers, choreographers, musicians and composers to apply for a new creative development grant.

This new initiative offers grants of up to $20,000 for collaborative projects involving the creation of new work.

Dancers and musicians have a long history of working together in cooperative environments. This initiative aims to establish new partnerships, particularly those that incorporate live musical performance as an integral part of the final presentation of the work.

The Australia Council is committed to the promotion of collaboration and artistic excellence, and this is highlighted across the Council’s various artform Sector Plans. This initiative is just one example of a cross-artform collaborative project being undertaken by the Council in 2011.

“This initiative opens up many exciting possibilities,” says Matthew Hindson, Chair of the Music Board at the Australia Council. “It will provide dancers and musicians with creative space to work together, creating exciting new works. The intention of this initiative is to encourage new collaborative relationships, where both parties contribute equally to the creative process.”

“It’s exciting for choreographers and dancers to work with composers and musicians in making a new creation, building from the start of the process to make the music and movement each enhancing the other,” Chrissy Sharp, Chair of the Dance Board adds. “We hope this initiative will bring thrilling new performances to our stages.”

The initiative is the result of a partnership between the Australia Council’s Dance and Music Boards.

Both boards have previously funded dance and music collaborations through their existing programs, showing that there is a demand for new collaborations of this type. An example of a recently funded project is Chunky Move’s commission of a 60 minute collaborative, interactive composition from Robin Fox and Oren Ambarchi which will form the score for the work ‘Connected’ which is scheduled to be developed from November 2010 through to March 2011.

The Australia Council invites proposals for innovative, new dance and music works.

For more details about this initiative, please visit the Music and Dance Initiative webpage or contact Australia Council Music Program Manager Morwenna Collett at