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Heart Tribe are the freshest, tastiest sound around with world reggae flavours spiced with sik dubby effects. Their super solid rhythm section and bursts of melodic brilliance will have you jumping and dancing while their soaring, conscious vocals will lift you up inside leaving you in a truly positive vibration!

What was the first band you saw live?
Peter Andre at Sawtell RSL. Anyone remember “Gimme some kinda sign”? Good times..

What’d you learn from them?
To stay true to your own sound, and to steer clear of big record companies, unless they’re meeting you on your own terms.

Got any pre-gig rituals?
We often do a group hug/chant/energy connecting thing before some gigs. This often helps us to connect to the music we are about to present to our audience and most importantly it helps us to connect with each other.

What do you think the most important issue affecting artists in NSW is?
Probably being paid properly. Now I know this opens up a whole world of differing viewpoints, but I think if you’re prepared to set aside time (for me this means losing out on potential earning work) for rehearsal, writing, promotion, recording, touring, interviews, etc, then you should be paid decently… What decently is, I can’t really say, but travelling 5-6 hours to a gig to be paid the same as local bands who drove 10 minutes to get there isn’t really fair… I also understand the perspective of the bars/clubs as well, if an act doesn’t draw enough of a crowd to justify their fee, they lose out! Also, if a band is poorly rehearsed, turns up late, just isn’t up to the task, then I think paying poorly may be justified…

If you weren’t a musician, what do you reckon you’d be doing?
What I do when I’m not touring/recording/writing/interviewing/caring for my two year old son… Building things and wielding hammers with a crazy gleam in my eye.

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