High Reflections presents two nights of celebration of the series at the Red Rattler.

High Reflections began as an irregular event with a home at Serial Space in early 2009. Since then they have produced 14 shows of diverse and eclectic experimentalism across a range of genres and practices in weirdness.

For this finale, they have picked HR favourites, many of whom will join each other in first time groupings and we’ve added a few musicians who were yet to perform our events.

Two nights of sonically expansive sounds; from blissed out electronics to doom, from high intensity performance to textured drone.

Wednesday 25th May
8:00 – 11:00pm $10
At the Red Rattler, 6 Faversham Street. Marrickville

Emily Morandini: homemade electronics, cable, alligator clips, copper, razor blade, sound.
Defektro: Hirofumi Uchino is the mastermind and father of hand built machines , which  produce sampled, chewed up, harsh junk metal.
Jon Hunter + nonemusic: Sub-voidal nothingness meets psychdelia and science fiction.
Joel Stern + Pia  van Gelder: Light producing audio, video opened out into wire, free noise cinema, and the farmyard.
Knitted Abyss: Buzzy jams of melodic guitars, organ and vocals.

Thursday 26th May
8:00 – 11:00pm $10
At the Red Rattler, 6 Faversham Street. Marrickville

Black Math: Black Math is a collection of devices for divining the musical potential of sacred and diabolical geometries.
Machine Death: New Wave Sludgecore
Cleptocleptics + Scissor Lock: ongoing bouts of noise battles taking place in dark rooms
Sean Baxter + Kusum Normoyle + Peter Blamey: Extreme vocals, feedback, steel wool, skins; trouble.
Thembi Soddell: Dynamic extremes, disquieting sonic worlds.


Pictured: Black Math
HR acknowledges the support of ArtsNSW and MusicNSW