Melodie Nelson - MusicNSW

Melodie Nelson is the solo project of Lia Tsamoglou, one half of now defunct Sydney experimental drone duo Moonmilk and ex-bassist for alt-folk group Rand and Holland. Upon the release of her debut record, Meditations on the Sun, she answers our five questions.

What was the first band you saw live?
My favourite band at the time, Sidewinder at Homebake in 1997.

What’d you learn from them?
That bands can sound even better live than on record.

Got any pre-gig rituals?
My band and I hold hands and stand in a circle while we sing Bohemian Rhapsody in its entirety.

What do you think the most important issue facing artists in NSW is?
The lack of venues where bands can play. Musicians are very limited in choice as to where they can play in Sydney and regional NSW because of venues closing down. It seems like it’s just going to get worse, but I’m optimistic we’ll find a solution, it just might take a little time.

If you weren’t a musician, what do you reckon you’d be doing?
I’d be a DJ. It would be fun playing someone else’s music for a change.