New Artist in Residency Platform in Maribor, Slovenia - MusicNSW

Pekarna Magdalenske Mreže has, in collaboration with MKC Maribor and Maribor 2012, established the new Maribor residency platform – Maribor GuestRoom.

Maribor is the second biggest town in Slovenia, in last 5-6 decades known for its industry and industrial culture, renowned technical faculties, textile industry and wine. There is an active art scene in the city, multimedia, music, performing, visual, which can compare to the Europe finest and has also gained its international acknowledgment. Somehow it seems the specific industrial cultural context of the city does allow and encourage innovative art forms: Festival Magdalena, Son:Da, Carmina Slovenica Choir, Puppet Theatre of Maribor, Tomaž Pandur, etc.

Maribor Guest Rooms’ aims are:
– Opening Maribor for foreign guest artists
– Initiating long lasting connections of the art scene of Maribor with the international art scene
– Establishing Maribor as a city of research, incubator of new ideas

For the first two years, the topic of the residency program is Maribor, its culture and its identity. Therefore the aim of every residency is also presentation of the work – production, work in progress, installation, action, that rethinks and reacts on Maribor situation: industrial – post-industrial, rural – urban, socialistic – post-capitalistic, intimate – political, private – public space, hidden – visible, innovation – rigidity.

The participants are going to be chosen by a jury of renown Maribor artists or art producers concidering the following criteria:
– coherence with the theme and city,
– originality of the content,
– degree of feasibility,
– communicativeness,
– possibility of integration with Maribor art scene.

More information on and download the full guidelines here.