A Young Person’s Guide to Hustling and Music in the Arts - MusicNSW

It’s pretty tough to survive financially when you’re doing something you’re passionate about.

Having freelanced in music and the arts for almost 15 years, Brisbane based music all-rounder LAWRENCE ENGLISH presents a few small rules and ideals that have been a guide for him during his time in the creative industries. Essential reading.

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About The Author
Lawrence English started his first fanzine when he was 15. He started a label the following year and has since been heavily involved in music, sound and media arts. Over the past 20  years he has tasted the bounty of arts related work, including freelance criticism, artist management, event production, tour managing, label production, exhibition curation, design, creative consultation and more. As an artist he has presented artworks and performances on every continent on the planet (yes, even Antarctica) and continues to produce works that prompt questions of field, perception and memory. He lives in Brisbane with his family of 2 humans and a schnauzer.

Lawrence is currently a member of the Australia Council for the Arts’ Music Board.