Abercrombie Hotel to re-open - MusicNSW

The Abercrombie Hotel was an iconic music hub in Sydney, hosting popular nights: Purple Sneakers, Britpop, DNBBQ and Indie band night Secluded Sundays.

Located on Broadway, the Abercrombie was closed down in January 2010, but it is now preparing to re-open! Frasiers Property have leased the pub to Jamie Wirth from the Bang Gang DJs & also an owner of The Norfolk Hotel on Cleveland Street.

The lease has been granted for 2 years and it seems there will be a small amount of renovations done before it will reopen with the same layout as before. It would seem it will be a short lived hey day as full renovations are still expected when the Broadway developments are finished.

However the exact plans for the hotel have not yet been confirmed.  The leaseholders have already hired a full time chef so we can assume there will be food! Party nights are also on the agenda with the leaseholders already in negotiations with local promoters.

There is no date set for the reopening. We’ll keep you posted.

VIA Music Feeds