DCM - MusicNSW

is new experimental collaboration between Sydney artists Daniel Stricker (Midnight Juggernauts) and Chris Ross (ex-Wolfmother). The dual synth adventurers will be making their first live appearance at MUSECOLOGY 2: Mnemonic Museum this Friday March 9 before supporting Wooden Shjips later this month.

1/How would you sum up DCM in three words?

Di Chloro Methane, Direction cosine matrix, Dynamic Causal Modelling, Drive Configuration Matrix, Deep Chlorophyll Maximum

2/How did the project come about?

Our love of voltage. Synthesis without computers. Taking an old idea but doing it in a new way. Tough music, literally putting up limitations and making our lives heaps more difficult ^_^

3/As a member of the Midnight Juggernauts you are also one of the co-founders of Siberia Records. Tell us about how your label works and how it differs from other independent labels in Sydney.

We originally set it up to release our own music, with a view of releasing others down the track – our first releases (outside of the band) were Kirin J Callinan’s SHE EP and Jonti’s Nightshift In Blue, both friends of ours. We dont go hunting down artists for the sake of it, we try and work with artists creating a whole world around them whether subversive or in the popular consciousness. Every project we take on is a total collaboration with each artist, from the bottom up, trying to produce limited edition item’s complementing a time, a temporary existence compacted into a collectable idea. visually. sonically.

4/Musecology is series of site based musical performances curated by Siberia Records and Jack Jeweller (Black and Blue Gallery) involving four site- based performances happening at a variety of unusual Sydney locations during the  year. When is the next one and where will it be held?

The next one is this Friday 9th March !  we’re holding it at the Maclaey Museum (Sydney University) – the space is hidden away, containing one of the largest ethnographic collections in the world; creatures in jars, masks, historical artifacts. we’ll be screening the film ‘the mask, the eyes of hell’ directly relating to the surrounds while artists interpret (and play a live score) to 4 anaglyphic 3D scenes.

5/Are there any local Sydney artists or bands that inspire you?

Of course. So many. constant excitement.  theres obviously the lineage of great musicians and artists that came before us eg. severed heads, mu mesons (jamie leonarder), SPK, etc. and these days individuals such as Kevina-Jo Smith, Chris Petro, Anna Kristensen or even our own artists – they all inspire me – i think we all need to realise that each and everyone of us knows so little, its crucially important seeing things from others perspectives, that’s one of the reasons i love working with the people we work with – they totally inspire me.

6/What other new projects or tours are on the horizon this year for DCM?

Supporting Wooden Shjips this month (our first proper show) – releasing music into the world, plugging in way more gear. hopefully not electrocuting ourselves.

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