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Sydney’s Chicks Who Love Guns are a garage/punk band consisting of Cass Navarro (Vocals), Mitchell Farkas (Bass, Vocals), Jack Hambling (Guitar, Vocals), Mody Grant (Guitar), and Xavier Francis (Drums). After building up a reputation for their intense and ferocious live shows, the five-piece have supported many high profile acts such as Grinspoon and The Scare, received great aiplay on triple J and most recently shared the Big Day Out 2012 stage. Considered  to be ‘the band to watch out for in 2012′, we thought we’d grab them for a quick chat…

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Describe Chicks who Love Guns in just 3 words?


What have Chicks who Love Guns been up to over the last 12 months? 

All sorts of crud. Released an EP, Put out two video clips, Partied in Japan, Played Big Day Out, Played shows in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Gold Coast etc, Toured with The Cairos, Wrote a bunch of sweet tunes for EP number 3 and drank one thousand beers.

You have supported great acts like Regular John, Die! Die! Die!, The Scare, Hunting Grounds and Grinspoon. If you can support any Australian act who would you choose?

We love Royal Headache (but who doesn’t) so maybe that would be fun. Also, we’ve played with them a bunch but DZ Deathrays have been killing it so would be great to play with them, Dune Rats, Hunting Grounds or any other friends’ bands really.

Who are some of your musical inspirations? 

It’s too hard to summarize so I’ll just say that my new favourite bands/musicians are – The Growlers, The Men, Danny Brown, Flats, Grimes. We are obsessive record collectors so it’s a hard question to answer.

What is your favourite Sydney venue to play at and why? 

At the moment, I like The Standard the most. It’s got great sound, a nice big stage and plenty of stuff to climb.

What’s on the horizon for the band in 2012?
A new EP, hopefully plenty of shows and a potential stint O/S which I don’t wanna talk about too much in case it doesn’t happen and I look like a fool for lying to you!