Federal Budget 2012 Allocates $64.1 Million to the Arts - MusicNSW

Last night Arts Minister Mr Simon Crean revealed that $64.1 million over the next four years will be allocated to the arts in an attempt to boost the nation’s arts sector.

Mr Crean believes that by investing substantially into Australia’s arts and culture sector, the country will reap rewards both economically and culturally. Mr Crean also believes that the Government’s recent allocation to the arts over the next four year period will help pave the way for Australia to be recognised as a cultural leader.

Of the $64,1 million allocated to the arts, the Government is providing $3 million of those funds to the contemporary music industry. $1.7 million of which will be given to Sounds Australia to support contemporary musicians in increasing the number and frequency of venues booking live music and to encourage international acts to use local supports.

A further $1.3 million will be provided to address workforce development issues identifed through the Innovation & Business Skills Australian environmental scan of the creative and cultural industries. The West Australian Music Industry Association will deliver education and promotion resulting in new apprenticeships, an internship program for unemployed young people and a program of residencies to develop the song writing and performance skills of musicians.

The bulk of the funding will be allocated to galleries and museums-collecting institutions will receive $39.3 million to help them digitalise their collections, make them more accessible to the community and provide assistance in the areas of education and research.

“Our collecting institutions are recognised internationally as some of the best and our Government is committed to the delivery of their programs and services to all Australians,” said Mr Crean.