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Shady Lane are a pop/electronic 4-piece from Sydney consisting of lead man Jordy Lane on guitars and vocals, Pete Avard on drums, Sarah Jullienne on synth/keys and Conrad Richters (Richard In Your Mind) on bass. Following their debut album in 2009, Here We Go, Down The Black Hole, Shady Lane have just announced their new album Built Guilt, to be released officially through Rice is Nice at their album launch on August 3 at Brighton UP Bar in Darlinghurst. For more gig details head here.

Questions answered by Jordy Lane.

Describe Shady Lane in just 3 words?

Bit of alright.

What motivated you to record Built Guilt as a live band?

Being tired of computers. They stagnate the mind. But I still love them. Also because I could. I was all alone until the geniuses joined the group.

Shady Lane were recently selected the live showcase at Bigsound 2012. What are you hoping to achieve from attending the conference this year?

Exposure in front of industry folk is nice, but to be honest I’m just looking forward to the animalistic tribes that stalk the Valley mall in the wee hours. It’s free admission to the zoo, except you’re one of the animals.

What inspiration were you drawing on for your new album Built Guilt?

Just thoughts. Not the best kind of thoughts for this one. Kind of negative, feeling sorry for myself thoughts. Unnecessary. But I got through them and now it’s time for happier ones.

They say that to truly understand Shady Lane it’s a two step process-listen to the record, see the live show. What can we expect from your album launch at Brighton Bar on August 3?

Who says this? Very observant.

Well, I guess the live show’s a fair bit more energetic than once upon a time and less introverted than the album. In my head, it’s just kind of…fun.

Plus, I’m gonna have some paintings for sale if I can wrangle it.

What’s on the horizon for Shady Lane in the next 12 months?

If all goes to plan a third album. I’m hoping it’ll be a soul lifter. Easy listening jazz folk with a dash of Santana (Rob Thomas era).

And plenty of shows me hopes.

What’s your favourite Sydney venue to play in these days and why?

I was ridiculed by a friend last time I said it but I still stand by the Lansdowne (on a good night). The sound is stellar and the burritos are very edible.

How did your musical journey begin? What were the key factors in helping Shady Lane finally breakthrough into the Sydney music scene?

We broke through? Wahoo. Made it. Finally.

I learnt piano as a child. Forgot it all. Went to school. Tinkered a lot in my bedroom with a red acoustic guitar. Rarely talked but liked to sing. Then we just made it. Easy.

Also, there are scores of friendly people who want to help you for no apparent reason.

Sydney’s music venue ‘crisis’ is seemingly the talk of the town. As a band regularly playing around Sydney, how has your band been affected by the venue ‘crisis’?

I don’t really think it’s a crisis. Venues have shut down because people haven’t been going to them. Yeah, it’s sad for people who care but the majority of people couldn’t give a swiss and you can’t make them. There’s still plenty going on.